Thursday, December 25, 2014

Egg Nog Brandy Cake Balls

Egg Nog Brandy Cake Balls

the Holiday Season off to a deliciously perfect start with our Egg Nog
Brandy Cake Balls!  Made from our homemade Egg Nog Pound Cake, hand
rolled in our Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting, spiked with Brandy, and
dipped in premium Chocolate.  Accented with a light dusting of Nutmeg. 
Elegant, impressive and very festive

Friday, October 31, 2014

Holiday 2014 Discount Coupon Codes for Dessert Cafe Online Bakery !!

We've just posted our Holiday 2014 Discount Codes!

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Finding delicious, homemade, fresh baked desserts to serve your customers just got a whole lot easier!

During these tough economic times, we hear over and over how Restaurant Managers, just like yourself, are hunting down creative ways to get customers or keep them coming back.

As a Restaurant Manager you already know that the key is in the menu, right? Well don't change what you're best known for; Don't change what you do best - - complement them! Cafe has so many savory desserts to choose from, we're confident you'll find 'a few' irresistible desserts that your customers will love.

The Benefits of Partnering with Us
Building customer loyalty is the most important goal for any business to be successful. Considering consumers have over 900,000 choices of places to buy food and beverages, our large selection of homemade southern desserts the perfect reason to choose your establishment.

With more than 375 varieties of cakes, pies, cobblers, brownies and other desserts to choose from, will can create the perfect customized dessert program to complement your menu. We will assist you with critical information and materials unique to your specific business, including:
  • Desserts most suitable for your region and menu
  • The Menu: the driving force behind any successful restaurant. We can help you build a competitive edge.
  • Ways to build new and repeat business
  • Branded Dessert Menu based on active/order

To complete every meal you serve your customers, your dessert selection should reflect the same quality and expertise as the meal itself. Cafe provides that quality in our desserts that will complement your menu and increase check averages. The finishing touch of an exceptional dessert emphasizes the quality of food and frames the entire dining experience.

Our Easy Partnering solution is as simple as placing an order. With every order you will receive customized dessert 'pages' based on your order. You can reprint, place in menu holders, laminate or use as training information for your servers to describe the desserts to your customers. The incredible value of this one small feature we offer is that:
  • Customers can see desserts in full color before ordering
  • You have no additional costs of printing your own dessert menu
  • You can change your dessert menu as often as you like
  • Desserts pages are FREE of charge to you**

We are currently offering wholesale pricing and discounted shipping for volume orders to our Restaurant, Tea Room, Bed &Breakfast Inn, and Retail Outlet customers.  Contact Us for pricing and Wholesale Application.

While we do not require a minimum order from our Restaurant Managers, to receive the discounted rate at checkout your total order must at $150.00 or more. To achieve this, place your order for the entire month to bring your total up to the required amount. You can then take advantage or our Shipping Increment and our Pay-As-We-Ship options.

As a Restaurant customer, we offer you several payment options.
  • You can place your order online and pay in full using Paypal or Google CheckOut.
  • You can place your order online and mail payment for entire shipment.
  • You can place your order online and Pay-As-We-Ship using PayPal, Google CheckOut, or mailed payment.
  • You can call us directly to place your order. We can then Bill You in Pay-As-We-Ship increments.
All orders are shipped via Priority mail FLAT RATE shipping. Delivery time is 2-3 days depending on your location.

Layered Cakes and other Frosted desserts require overnight shipping or local delivery. Overnight shipping is expensive and may not be cost effective for your business. In an effort to reduce this cost to our volume customers like yourself, we give Restaurant Managers the benefit of receiving these items disassembled. This will allow your item to be shipped at the less expensive Priority Mail FLAT RATE.

  • A disassembled item will arrive with cake layers individually wrapped, frosting and toppings included in separate containers, and with ice-paks to ensure these homemade, fresh baked items maintain their freshness. Upon arrival immediately refrigerate your items until ready to prepare and serve.  You can now order any of our Southern Cake or Liqueur Cakes in sheets, rounds along with our homemade frosting.
  • Our Cobblers are shipped disassembled as well. Double crusts and Cobbler fillings are individually packaged for shipping. We used but no longer include baking pans with cobbler orders because it drastically increases shipping costs simply because of the larger shipping box needed.
  • Our Banana Pudding is ready-to-eat and for local pick up or delivery only.
  • Our premium U-Bake-It! (tm) Mixes are available for Cake Mix, Cookie Dough, Frostings  for you to bake fresh in your own restaurant. As with any cake mix or cookie dough, complete cooking instructions are included.

Currently we are not extending credit terms. However, we are looking forward to offering terms in the future to our loyal customers.

The are several ways to reach us for questions, comments and placing your order.
Email Us:

Our goal is to work with you in satisfying your customers and to keep them coming back to your restaurant again and again. Please, feel free to send us any comments or suggestions you may have to help us better serve you. We know your customers will be happy and we want to ensure your happiness too!